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**St. Omar**
Beginner's Flight School

St. Omar


The main purpose of Beginners School for the Phantom Fighters is to get a newly recruited pilot as much information and training as possible, while trying to get the pilot into combat readiness ASAP. All new recruits of the Phantom Fighters will need to take this school and pass it before he may be assigned to an escadrille. All pilots in this school will hold the rank of Lere Classe`. Beginners School is the first part of a 3 step beginners course. Upon graduation from Beginners school, the pilot will be promoted to Caporal, and transferred to one of the PF Wing for his second part of the beginners course.

School Registration

If you are a new recruit of the Phantom Fighters, or for any other reason that you need to attend this school, you can apply for the lessons right here. To apply for the St. Omar school, send an email to this address,, and provide the following information included in your email:

1. Pilot name
2. Email address *(only needed if you plan on using different address then the one you used to send this email on)
3. School name that you are applying for (for this school, you would say either "St. Omar", or "Beginners School")
4. Your current rank (if you are newly recruited, your rank would be Lere` Classe)
5. Available flying times (and please give me your time zone too)
6. Other comments (you can include anything from flying experiences to anything else you think I should know)

Then once you have that done, just send the email away. When your application is accepted your training information will be sent to you.

Training Courses

Beginners flight school is divided into 3 main courses. The first course involved taking the pilot on flying lessons, to judge a pilots ability to do formation flying, maneuvers, and combat. If the pilot has trouble if any of the lessons, the TO will give the pilot tips and instructions to help him. This is the most important course, and MUST be completed before graduation. The second and third courses are much less important, they are only FYI (for your information) text packets that give the pilot tips on how to fly with the PF.

 ** Enter Beginner's School here to begin the training courses**

Beginners Flight School Training Staff

Chief Training Officer: Lt. Colonel Razor,
St. Omar Commanding Officer: Sous Lieutenant Falcon

Beginners Flight School Trainees

Lere Classe` Bing
Lere Classe` Vato
Lere Classe` Kirkman
Lere Classe` Steven Dpayne

Beginner's Flight School Graduates

Caporal NoMurC
Caporal Sgt_Death
Caporal Luckyned
Caporal Emanon
Caporal Sharky14
Caporal Dave911
Caporal Marka9

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