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Phantom Fighter's Academy Visitors Center

Welcome to the Phantom Fighter's Academy. As you see on the main page, our Academy consists of 4 different schools. Below will be a description of all of them

1. Beginners School- Once a pilot first joins the PF, he will be transferred to the Beginners school. During this time, the pilot will go through 3 short courses to get him prepared, and into action ASAP. During this time the pilot will have the rank of Lere Classe`. When the pilot has completed all the necessary training, the TO will promote him to Caporal, and transfer him into one of the active escadrilles.

2. When a pilot has been promoted from Beginners school, he will be a Caporal and enter an active escadrille. While here, the pilot will fly with the Escadrille to gain "On the job training". And also during this time, the escadrille CO will assign him a host for the "adopt a newbie program". If the pilot does a very good job, the escadrille CO can promote him to Caporal Chef, where he can help some of the other Caporals. After the Escadrille CO believes the pilot has done good enough to get a promotion, he will become a Sergeant.

3. After becoming a Sergeant, the pilot will enter Flight School. During this time he will gain additional knowledge on tactics. After completing the courses, the TO will graduate him from school, and the pilot will be reactivated in his escadrille as a full PF member.

4. After being a full PF member for awhile, a pilot may become a Sous Lieutenant. If the Sous Lieutenant wishes to advance in rank further and become an officer, first he MUST complete an Officers Academy. Upon completion, he will be able to get an officer position when the opportunity comes by.

5. At any time, a pilot with the rank of Caporal or higher may take additional optional courses to gain further experience.

And thats it. If you would like additional information on each school, click BACK, and click on it.

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