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The Vignory Phantom Fighter Officer's Academy




The Vignory Officer's Academy is a school for any PF members who want to become an officer. This school is designed to prepare members to take over command and administrative duties. Part of the testing for this school will be to see how well a trainee can handle a command position. Only pilots with the rank of Sous Lieutenant may take this course. This course is completely optional. If a Sous Lieutenant wishes to gain in rank, and become an officer, he MUST first pass this school. But however if a pilot would prefer to remain just a fighter pilot, he doesn't have to take this course. Upon completion of this course, a pilot does not get promoted or anything, but instead gets the ability to become an officer when the opportunity comes by. And when a pilot is in the Officers Academy, he is still a member of his Escadrille, so that means he can fly freely in wars.

Training Courses

Officers Academy Training Staff

Chief Training Officer: Lt. Colonel Razor,

Officers Academy Trainees