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Welcome to Fismes School of Flight


Fismes School of Flight is that last step in the beginners training course. This school will include advanced tactics for combat, and detailed descriptions over a variety of topics. After holding the rank of Caporal for some time, when a pilots Wing CO promotes him, the Caporal will become a Sergeant, and transferred to this school. During this time the pilot will take several flight lessons, as well as written tests. When a pilot has successfully completed all the lessons and tests, he will graduate from Fismes.

School Registration

If you have just recently been promoted to Sergeant, or for any other reason that you need to attend this school, you can apply for the lessons right here. To apply for the Fismes school, send an email to this address:  and provide the following information included in your email:

1. Pilot name
2. Email address *(only needed if you plan on using different address then the one you used to send this email on)
3. School name that you are applying for (for this school, you would say either "Fismes", or "Flight School")
4. Your current rank (unless you are applying for some other reason, you are probably a Sergeant)
5. Available flying times (and please give me your time zone too)
6. Other comments

Then once you have that done, just send the email away. When your application is accepted your training information will be sent to you.

Training Courses
NEW! Four lessons have been completed ranging from Advanced flying tactics, to bombing, to formations, etc.

** Enter Flight School here to begin the training courses**

Fismes School of Flight Training Staff

Chief Training Officer: Lt. Colonel Razor,

Fismes School of Flight Trainees

Fismes School of Flight Graduates

Sergeant Mark