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Phantom Fighter Academy

Welcome to the Training Section of the Phantom Fighters. It is run by me, Training Officer Justin. Feel free to explore this website and look at some of our training schools.

Phantom Fighter's Academy Training Schools

  Beginner's School
The school where all new recruits of the Phantom Fighters start out at.
Flight School
The more advanced school, and the last step for beginners to pass.
  Officer's Academy
The required school to take before becoming an officer in the Phantom Fighters.
  Optional Courses School
Optional courses for PF members to take to gain additional experience.
  Visitor's Center
Not a Phantom Fighter member, or a newly recruited one? Come visit the Visitor's Center for some info on how the PF Academy is ran.

Phantom Fighter's Academy Resources

 Red Baron Plane Database

 EAW 1.2 Plane Database

Deflection Shooting

Phantom Fighter's Academy Contacts
Chief Training Officer: Lt. Colonel Razor,
Assistant Training Officer and St. Omar school Commanding Officer: Sous Lieutenant Falcon,