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Pilot Name: Horntoad 

Rank:   Colonel

Unit Assignment: HQ

Joined PF: 14FEB99

Bio Awards
Age: 39 

Location: Marble Falls, TX 

Favorite plane: Albatross D3 

Favorite drink: Bud 

Favorite quote/saying: I am very brave.....with a new life button.


Last Bio update: 

Awarded to all members of French Armed forces
Awarded to all members for 3 months service
Awarded to all members for 6 months service
Awarded to all members for 1 Year of service
PF Croix de Guerre.  For 25 Combat kills.  A star is added for each additional 25 kills.
PF Flight Cross Awarded for achieving 28 kills. Also included are 4 additional stars.
Awarded for being in top 4 of the Nup11 tournament.
Awarded to Horntoad for his work on the PF Paints. 1 star is added to this medal for his work as war boss in the war forces conflict
Awarded: For his participation in the War Forces Conflict.
Awarded: For participation in the 5 week War.