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[Image] Pilot Name:Vandal (Ben)

Rank: S.Lieutenant

Unit Assignement: Esc 172

Joined PF: 25JAN99

Bio Awards
Age: 19

Location: Moscow, Idaho

Favorite plane: Camel, Spad

Favorite saying: Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Web Page:

AOL ID: BVandal325

Occupation: Student

Games Played: Red Baron 3D, Jane's F15, Urban Assult, Fighter Ace, Air Warrior.

Operating System: Cyrex 6x86, 64 Meg RAM, T1 LAN Connection

Joystick: Mircosoft Sidewinder FF Pro

Time Playing Red Baron: About 6 Months

Outside Hobbies: Calligraphy, Soccer, Fencing, Frisbee Golf, Ultimate, Knifemaking.

Most Time Spent On: Calculus Homework

Personal Flying Ability Rating: 2/10

Awarded to all members of French Armed forces