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Pilot Name:     Mark

Rank:  Captaine

Unit Assignment: Wing 1

Joined PF: 5/29/99

Bio Awards
Age: 36

Location: Ontario, Canada

Favorite plane: N28

Favorite drink: Guienness

Favorite quote/saying: "Whatever"

Kills: 12

Last Profile Update: 

Awarded to all members of French Armed forces
Awarded to all members for 3 months of service
Awarded to all members for 6 months of service
Awarded to all members for 1 year of service
PF Flight Cross.  For 5 combat kills.  A star is added for each 5 kills until the pilot reaches 25. This medal has 2 stars.
PF Distinguished Service Cross.  For PFers who serve PF with honor and dignity above the call of duty. For his services in PF and Assisting Training Officer
PF Purple Hard Drive Medal Awarded to those members who suffer a Major Computer crash that keeps them from flying, yet manage to return from the injury to again fly with the unit.
Awarded: For his participation in the War Forces Conflict.
Awarded: For participation in the 5 week War