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New member agreement

(Made from excerpts of the Phantom Fighter group charter)

All members agree to abide by the rules and by-laws of the Phantom Fighters or be suject to the disiplinary section of the charter

New members must agree to the following discharge conditions if Discharge is by Honorable means:

1.) The Former Member may keep the Pilot name with the PF uniform on his pilot lists but agrees not to use such without prior permision from PF HQ.

2.) The Former member may fly in PF Paint colors but only when using the name formerly carried while a member of PF (whether uniformed or not)

3.) The Former Member agrees to inform PF if he should join a Central powers Unit

4.) The Former member will still have access to the Delphi forum until such time that he joins an enemy Unit.

New members must agree to the following discharge conditions if Discharge is by other than Honorable means:

1.) The Ex-member must delete all pilot names bearing the PF uniform.

2.) The Ex-member will not fly in PF paint schemes under any circumstances

3.) The Ex-member will not interfer with PF functions

4.) The Ex-member will Not impersonate PF members

5.) The Ex-member will not perform any act in an attempt to discredit PF or its members.

Failure to abide by this agreement upon discharge will brand the ex-member dishonorable and devoid of character.

New members will be placed on training status until completion of Training Status and instruction flights.

A.) New members will be given the rank of Lere Classe` and will be unassigned in PF until he registers at the Beginners training school, where he will be assigned to that school. After completing the necessary lessons, he will be promoted to Caporal, and will be assigned to one of the Fighter Wings.

B.) Members on Probation Must abide by the rules and by-laws of PF set forth in this charter at all times.

C.) Violations of Rules and By-laws may result in immediate termination of membership of the Probationary member (refer to discipline of members Section )

D.) Probationary members still have Full Voting priveledges in all PF affairs.

All new members are expected to read the charter and abide by the same.

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