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Unofficial Red Baron Sites

Red Baron Forum Sites
Site Discription
Red Baron Players Association Red Baron Players Association Forum at Delphi
Delphi Flight Sim Forum Forum for flight sims in general, Large RB section


Information, Files, Ect
Site Description of sight
War Forces site Information, Calendar
Cyprus Info. Tourneys, Wars, Links
Wings of Honor Information site.
Cudas Gunsights Gun sights for RB and different Flight Sims
RB3D Links Links, etc
Combat Flight Sim Info on Flight Sims, Downloads Etc.
Badspad's Pad Information site
Beery's RB2 Site RB UOP site
Cage's Red Baron II Site Information, Files, Links, you name it
Dart's Testing Your RB3 Connection Page Guide to getting the best modem connection for on-line gaming.
Flybert's Chateau (MMP Custom Paint Schemes) Location of the unofficial MMP Squadron Paint registry
Flyer's Red Baron Story Archive Adventures Of RB Pilots
Hawkin's Lexicon of Historical Squadrons Historical Information
Icky's Red Baron II Site Information, Files, Links, Ect.
Major Doolittle's Aerodrome Information
Rook's Unofficial Red Baron II Page Information, Files, Links, Ect.
Seawulfe's Page of RB3D Planes Flight tips
Sygrod's In-Depth Site Information, Files, Links, Ect.
The Aces Paint Shop Paint files
von Tom's homepage Information, Files, Links, Ect.
Kobra Tribute Page Information on RB and its Flyers, Stories. Kewl site.
KA7 Jackstraw Page Info. on RB players, ACES, links. Kewl site

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