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Join the Phantom Fighters

If you play Redbaron 3D or European Air War and would like to join the Phantom Fighters please fill out the application form below. The Phantom Fighters accepts applicants of all skill levels and offers training in the form of a mentoring program. Fill out the form completely so we can process your application properly. NOTE: Form only works for some people. If you are unable to send the request, send an email and provide the information listed below to

Pilot name:

Real name (optional):

E-mail address:

Time Zone:



Which Wing do you want to join? (must own the game to join)
Red Baron 3D Wing
European Air War Wing

RB/EAW Experience:


Selecting submit here acknowledges that while a member of the Phantom Fighters you agree to abide by the Spirit of the Phantom Fighters Charter and upon discharge will abide the discharge clauses of our charter regarding your actions as a former member.

If you do not agree with this please do not submit your application.

Phantom Fighters want members with honor both in flight and out of it.