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Rb1078 : Allows you to see the servers through won. (RB)

Kill Report Doc : For filling out war reports. (RB & EAW)

Stkeaw v1.06: Fighter Tactics By Markshot ( In .PDF format works with acrobat reader )(RB & EAW)

Midnight Mike's Website: Tank Fm's etc.

ENDITALL: Handy program that shuts down unessential programs that slows down game play.

Voodoo 5500 1.04 11/2/2000 drivers 8.37 mg

Voice Communications:

Battlecom (RB & EAW) This is the .EXE to BC. (2.09 mb)

PF Paints:

*Note*  PF RB Skins are located at Flyberts Cheateau

PF RB FWW  War Paints

PF EAW Skins   : PF EAW Skins