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Preamble and Purpose

The Phantom Fighter group will be formed to create an enjoyable Fighter Wing atmosphere for players of Red Baron Multiplayer Arena. As with any group of individuals some rules and guidelines are needed to afford every member the opportunity to enjoy membership to its fullest. This Document is an attempt to create an environment which will be enjoyable and benificial to its members while maintaining organization and giving us methods to handle problems that may arise. The original Charter though used as a framework for this new document left many gaps that eventually led to problems within the group. This is an attempt to correct those gaps while still remaining flexable and changable by ammendment of its members. It is possible that the group may branch out to other on line flight simulators those will be handled by ammendment.






Section 2.1

Joining PF

A.) To Join PF a potential Member must send an e-mail request to the any member of the Phantom Fighters, or fill out the recruiting form on the web site. The potential member must provide the following information: Real Name, Pilot name to be used in PF, City/State/Country/Time zone, Age, Simulator Flight Experience (list all), real flight experience if any, e-mail address to be used by PF members. All applications for membership will be forwarded to the Recruiting officer for proccessing. The Recruiting officer will send a confirmation e-mail to the potential member. the potential member must resond to the confirmation e-mail within two weeks. Upon receipt of confirmation the Recruiting Officer will send the welcome E-mail to the new member and send the data and application to the Admin officer who will add the new member to the roster. No Application for membership will be refused with the exeption of previously ejected members ( see reinstatement of membership section 2.5)

B.) All members agree to abide by the rules and by-laws of the Phantom Fighters or be suject to the disiplinary section of this charter

C.) New members must agree to the following discharge conditions if Discharge is by Honorable means:

1.) The Former Member may keep the Pilot name with the PF uniform on his pilot lists but agrees not to use such without prior permision from PF HQ.

2.) The Former member may fly in PF Paint colors but only when using the name formerly carried while a member of PF (whether uniformed or not)

3.) The Former Member agrees to inform PF if he should join a Central powers Unit

4.) The Former member will still have access to the Delphi forum until such time that he joins an enemy Unit.

D.) New members must agree to the following discharge conditions if Discharge is by other than Honorable means:

1.) The Ex-member must delete all pilot names bearing the PF uniform.

2.) The Ex-member will not fly in PF paint schemes under any circumstances

3.) The Ex-member will not interfer with PF functions

4.) The Ex-member will Not impersonate PF members

5.) The Ex-member will not perform any act in an attempt to discredit PF or its members.

6.) Failure to abide by this agreement upon discharge will brand the ex-member dishonorable and devoid of character.


Section 2.2

New Members

New members will be placed on probationary status until completion of Training Status and probation flights.

A.) New members will be given the rank of Private (PVT) and assigned to the training/Reserve Escadrille (Esc 175) under training status until the following conditions are met:

1.) The new member has Attended two wednesday training flights

2.) The New member can successfully demonstrate the following Flight manuvers to be performed in a nueport 11 in the Border Patrol Server and observed by any two officers One of which must be an HQ officer.(see RB manual for manuver description)

a.) Barrel Roll

b.) Half Loop

c.) Renversement (Immelman turn)

d.) Loop

e.) Retournment

f.) Split S

B.) Once Training Status conditions are met, the member shall be promoted to private First Class (PFC) and remain in Esc 175 until he has completed 5 official flights from the time of completion of training status.

C.) Members on Probation Must abide by the rules and by-laws of PF set forth in this charter at all times.

D.) Violations of Rules and By-laws may result in immediate termination of membership of the Probationary member (refer to discipline of members Section )

E.) Upon complition of training and probation Flights The new member will be promoted to Corperal (Cpl) and have a choice of remaining in the Reserve or going Active (see approriate sections)

F.) Probationary members still have Full Voting priveledges in all PF affairs.


Section 2.3

Active Membership

Active members will be those members who can devote at least enough time for one official flight per week (esclusive of training flights).

A.) Active members shall be placed in an active Escadrille or HQ.

B.) Only Active members will be eligible for promotions and Command positions

C.) Active members who will not be available during a given period should notify their unit CO or XO, (or for the unit CO The Group CO,XO or Admin Officer should be notified)

D.) Active members who are not heard from for a period of 4 weeks without a prior notification of such absence shall be transfered to the reserve escadrille to open the slot for other active members.

E.) Active members transfered to the reserve unit will maintain the rank they held at time of transfer.

F.) Active members transfered to the reserve may reactivate upon their return.

1.) Reactivated members will be placed in the escadrille has the fewest members of his particular rank.

2.) Should all active units be filled with the Rank of the reactivated member he shall fill a billet of the next lower rank available while still maintaining his rank.

G.) Any Active member may request Transfer to the reserves via e-mail to the Admin Officer.


Section 2.4

Reserve Membership

Reserve members will be those members who have a life, (lol) and are not able to make the minimum one official flight per week.

A.) Reserve members will maintain the Rank they held when becomming a reserve member.

B.) Reserve members still have full voting priviledges in all PF affairs

C.) Reserve members should contact the PF Admin officer at least once per month via e-mail.

D.) Reserve members who have not contacted PF over a three month period will be dropped from the roster.

1.) Contact includes Posting a message in the Delphi Forum. or sending e-mail to the CO, XO or Admin Officer of PF.

2.) Dropped Members may be reinstated upon request. (see reinstatement of members section 2.5)

E.) Reserve members may fly in Official flights with the active units as a fill in (see mission section).

1.) Reserve member rank will be used to determine flight leader status.

2.) Reserve members wishing to fly in an official flight must post their availability as an active member would.

F.) Reserve Members may be envolved in Non-Assigned Flights.

1.) Reserve members will be treated as active members for this purpose.

2.) Reserve member Rank will be used when determining Flight leader status.

Section 2.5

Reinstatement of membership

Former members may be reinstated dependant on the reason for leaving the Phantom Fighters.

A.) Former Members Dropped for non-contact can be reinstated simply by contacting the PF CO, XO or Admin Officer.

1.) Dropped members will lose one rank level upon reinstatement to a minimum of CPL

2.) Dropped members return to the reserve unit without probation and may immediatly request activation to an active unit.

B.) Former members who resigned may be reinstated as per members who are dropped.

1.) These reinstated members lose one rank level upon reinstatement to a minimum of CPL.

2.) These reinstated members are placed in the reserve unit and may immediatly request transfer to an active unit.

C.) Former Members who were terminated due to disciplinary action may be reinstated only under the following conditions:

1.) A Full appology sent (or posted) to all involved in the action that resulted in the disiplinary action must be made befor reinstatement is considered using the pilot name used when such action occured (without uniform).

2.) Former member must be sponsered by an active member.

3.) Former member must be voted in by a 2/3 majority of members of PF at the next sunday meeting prior to probationary reinstatement.

4.) And will have Probationary Reinstated Member status. (PRM for short)

5.) PRM must use a new pilot name.

6.) PRM loses all rank and seniority.

7.) PRM is on probationary reinstatement as a Pvt for a minimum of 45 days.

8.) PRM may not violate ANY PF rule or by-law or be immediatly terminated.

9.) PRM will not have voting rights

10.) PRM may fly in official flights and attend official functions.

11.) Upon completion of Probationary reinstatement period the PRM will be again brought befor the membership for vote of acceptance. A simple majority vote will reinstate the PRM to Cpl in the reserve unit.

12. Upon reinstatement the member enjoys full priveleges of membership again. and may request transfer to an active unit.





A. Each member represents The Phantom Fighters while in Uniform.

1. Each member is responsible for his actions while wearing the PF uniform.

2. When out of uniform members will use a totally different name not connected to PF.

3. When out of uniform members will not fly in PF paint schemes (#'s 169-173)

B. No member shall use foul or abusive language in public servers while in uniform

C. Members shall assist other members in public servers whenever possible.

D. Chats in the servers shall be kept to a minimum out of courtisy to other flyers.

1. Members will use the Delphi Chat room for extended Conversation.

2. During training flights all members shall use the 169 squadron # and SQ chat will be used to minimize disturbing other flyers.

E. All members in uniform will fly using sq# 169 exept as follows

1. Members in escadrille 170 may fly in SQ# 170 in french planes only.

2. Members in escadrille 171 may fly in SQ# 171 in french planes only.

3. Members in escadrille 172 may fly in SQ# 172 in french planes only.

4. Members in escadrille 173 may fly in SQ# 173 in french planes only.

F. All members will fly honorably.

G. Members who know they will be on an extended absence of longer than four weeks should request temporary transfer to 175.

H. Members violating the charter will be subject to punishments as perscribed under discipline of members.



A.) Promotions will occur as follows:

1.) an ESC has a defeciency in a certain rank. ie: esc 170 has only one S.Lt, 3 Sgt's and 7 Cpl's. it is deficient 1 S.Lt and 1 Sgt.

2.) The CO may Promote any of his Cpls to fill the Sgt billet himself, An E-mail to the recipient and the Admin officer is all that is required.

3.) For a vacant S.Lt billet, the CO may recomend two of his Sgt's to fill the rank via the AO to the HQ board. Additionally the senior most Sgt of any other exisiting Esc who is willing to transfer shall also be considered for the promotion. The HQ shall conviene a Promotion board and select the pilot from these members to fill the new rank. The desision should be based on Seniority, Participation, Attendance, Performance and flight skill.

4.) For a vacant Lt(XO) billet, the CO may recomend one of his S.Lt's to fill the rank via the AO to the HQ board. Additionally the senior most S.Lt of any other exisiting Esc who is willing to transfer shall also be considered for the promotion. The HQ shall conviene a Promotion board and select the pilot from these members to fill the new rank. The desision should be based on participation, attendance, and flight skill with some extra weight being given to the member from the Esc in question.

5.) For a vacant Capt. (CO) billet, The following proceedure shall be used.

a.) The vacancy shall be posted on the Web site.

b.). The HQ Board shall select the member to fill the vacancy from those who apply Based on Seniority, Participation, Attendance, Performance and flight skill.Participation being a strong factor for an Escadrille CO billet.

6.) for vacant HQ Billets, The following proceedure shall be used.

a.) The vacancy shall be posted on the Web site.

b.). The HQ Board shall select the member to fill the vacancy from those who apply Based on Seniority, Participation, Attendance, Performance and flight skill.Participation being a strong factor.







Additions may be made to this charter by writing a proposal in the format used by this charter and submiting it to the Admin Officer.

A.)The Admin Officer will post the proposal in the Delphi Forum at least 4 days prior to a sunday meeting. at which time the addition will be discussed and voted on.

B.) A majority of members present is required to pass any addition

C.) passed additions will be sent via e-mail to all members and will take effect the following week.


Section 3.2


Deletions may be proposed by indicating the Article/Section and subsection to be deleted.

A.) This proposal must be sent to the Admin Officer.

B.) The Admin Officer will post the proposal in the delphi Forum at least 4 days prior to a sunday meeting. at which time it will be discussed and voted on.

C.) A Majority Vote is required to delete any part of this charter


Section 3.3


Ammendments to existing articles/sections and subsections may be proposed.

A.) The Proposal must be written in the format of this Charter

B.) The article/Section/Subsection to be ammended must be clearly stated.

C.) The Proposal will be sent via E-mail to the admin officer

D.) The Admin Officer will post the proposal in the delphi Forum at least 4 days prior to a sunday meeting. at which time it will be discussed and voted on.

E.) A Majority Vote is required to ammend any part of this charter









Headquarters (HQ) will be the commanding structure of the Phantom Fighter Group. As the Phantom Fighters are attempting to emmulate a military unit, Command and Rank must be observed by all members. This is not to say that all decisions will be made arbitrarily by the Commanding officers of the group. However, circumstances may dictate that a quick decision be made or action be taken. and therefor some guidlines in this respect must be made.

HQ will consist of the following sections and positions

A.) Group Commanding Officer (CO) Shall hold the rank of Colonel and shall have the duties as follows:

1.) Preside over Group Meetings and ensure proper order.

2.) Represent the group in all outside functions and correspondence.

3.) Make Final Decision when resolution cannot be made otherwise.

4.) Perscribe NJP as per Article Section discipline of members.

5.) Make decisions for the group for areas not covered within this charter.

6.) Make Stratigical planning decisions. IE: mission requirments ect.

7.) Ensure proper administration of the group.

8.) Have fun (remember it's just a game)

B.) Group Executive Officer (XO) Shall hold the rank of Lt Colonel and shall Have the duties as follows:

1.) Assist the CO in the administration of his duties

2.) Fill in for the CO in his absence or when he is otherwise not available to perform his duties.

3.) Assign official missions to the active Units.

C.) Group Senior Advisor (SA) shall hold the rank of major and be 3rd in command. The SA duties are as follows:

1.) Assist the CO and XO in the administration of thier duties

2.) Fill in as CO when the CO and XO are not available

3.) Screen all recomendations and requests made to the Staff Officer board.

4.) assist in official Mission coordination.

D.) Chief Andminstative Officer (AO) shall hold the rank of major and shall be 4th in command, the AO's duties are as follows:

1.) Maintain the Pilot Roster

2.) Maintain the group website and forum

3.) Handle all group corespondence not personalized by other command officers

4.) Perform other adminitrative functions as may be assigned by the CO, XO or SA

5.) Fill in as CO when the CO, XO and SA are not available.

E.) Chief Recruiting Officer (RO) shall hold the rank of major and be 5th in command and shall have the duties as follows:

1.) Actively recruit new members to the group

2.) Be point of contact for potential new memebers

3.) Recieve and process all applications for membership in accordance with Section 2.1 of this charter.

4.) Maintain a list of former members names and e-mail addresses to confirm method of enlistment required.

5.) Assist the Admin officer in the performance of his duties.

F.) Chief Training Officer (TO) Shall hold the rank of Major and shall be 6th in command and shall have the duties as follows:

1.) Train new members

2.) Administer the Wednesday Training Flight Night

3.) Create, administer, and maintain a training program for all members.

4.) Act as CO of the Training/Reserve Escadrille (Esc 175)

G.) Intelegence Officer (IO) Shall hold the rank of Major and shall be 7th in command. he shall have the duties as follows:

1.) Gather Information on potential opponents.

2.) Gather and maintain statistical data of an intelegence nature.

3.) Maintain Photo reconisance library and make such available to members upon request.

4.) Make recomemndations to CO, XO, and SA reguarding intelegence reports pertenent to mission planning.

H.) Other Admin, Recruiting, Training and Intellegence officers will be added as needed at the rank of Capitain. the order of command will be based on seniority among all of them and their duties will be to assist the Cheif Officer in their classification in the performance of thier duties.





The active escadrilles will carry from eight to 16 members and will be responsible for performing active flight missions as assigned from HQ. The Billets and responsibilities are as follows:

A.) Escadrille Commanding Officer (Eco) shall hold the rank of Captain and shall have the following duties:

1.) Make flight assignements for his unit as may be required.

2.) Administer his units inventory as may be required.

3.) Make command decisions for his unit.

4.) Submit Weekly unit report to the AO

5.) Represent his unit in all Command functions

6.) perform other duties as may be assigned by HQ

B.) Escadrille Executive Officer (Exo) shall hold the rank of Lieutenant and shall have the following duties:

1.) Assist the Eco in the performance of his duties.

2.) Fill in for the Eco in his absence

3.) Serve as a flight leader as required

4.) Recieve Flight Reports from the unit Flight leaders and forward to the Eco and Admin Officer.

C.) There will be billets for two Sous Lieutenants (S.Lt) per active escadrille their duties shall be as follows:

1.) Assist the Eco and Exo in the performance of thier duties.

2.) Serve as Flight leader as required.

3.) File Flight reports as required

D.) There shall be Billets for 4 Sergeants (Sgt and note the french spelling) per active Escadrille with duties as follows:

1.) Assist the Eco, Exo and S.Lts in the performance of thier duties.

2.) Serve as Flight leader as required.

3.) File Flight reports as Required.

E.) There shall be billets for 8 Corporals (Cpl again French Spelling) per active Escadrille with duties as follows:

1.) Assist the Eco, Exo, S.Lts and Sgts in the performance of thier duties.

2.) Serve as Flight leader as required.

3.) File Flight reports as Required.




The Training/Reserve Escadrille shall be designated Esc 175. It shall be the holding escadrill for probationary members and reserve members.

A.) The Chief Traning Officer will be Designated as CO of Escadrille 175

B.) Escadrille 175 will not be assigned any official flights.

1.) Reserve members may volunteer to fly in any official Flight missions by posting availability under the mission assignment.

2.) Training Status members may not Fly in any official Flight missions except Defence target patrols unless operational commitments requires otherwise.

3.) Probationary Members may only fly in HQ official Flight missions.

C.) Reserve members may form Non-assigned flights

1.) Starting points must be from HQ Zone Unless non-assigned flight is being organized by an active unit member.

2.) Reserve members may form any type of available mission available to any active member.

D.) Training and Probationary members may not form non-assigned Flight missions

1.) Probationary members may join one being formed by an active or reserve member.

2.) Training members may join any non-assigned defencive type patrols being formed. (the intent here is to keep the Training Status members on friendly side of the front.)







A.) HAVE FUN! This rule is our top priority. Remember that this is a game. We do this becuase we all have a common interest in the air war of WWI. If it stops being fun why are we here?


1.) Show Proper Military Honors to ALL pilots.

2.) Salute your opponent Win or lose.

3.) Do not Vultch. (allow an opponent taking off a chance to defend himself)

4.) Honor a Smoke Signal of Distress. If in doubt Ask the opponent.

a.) If you yourself are using a smoke signal Do not re-engage the enemy under any circumstance. We Will fly with honor.

5.) Remember you represent the entire group whenever you fly in uniform. Act accordingly

6.) Abide by any agreed to War Rules.

7.) Use of abusive or foul language while representing PF will not be torerated

C.) Do not impersonate any member of this or any other Unit





A.) The Group uniform Shall be <PF> in front of the Pilot name.

<PF>Pilot or <PF>_Pilot

1.) Option #1 A pilot may add his rank.


2.) Option #2 A pilot may add his Escadrille.


3.) Option #3 A pilot may add his rank and Escadrille.


B.) The Uniform is only manditory to wear in Group Operations. Members are encouraged to wear the uniform at all times when flying to let our presence be known to all other players in the Red Baron Community but not manditory. (It helps recruiting a lot.)

C. When out of uniform members will use a totally different name not connected to PF.





A.) The Group registered Squadron Number for all planes is 169 for Multiplayer

1.) All Memebers will fly in the 169 paint scheme when not in a french built plane while in uniform.

2.) Active members will fly in the paint number of his active unit while flying french planes.

3.) Reserve/Probationary/Training members will fly in the paint scheme of the unit when flying on an official flight mission.

4.) Reserve/Probationary/Training members will fly in the 169 paint scheme at all other times while in uniform.

B.) Escadrille CO's may paint the french planes and give them his Escadrilles #

1.) The PF Logos Must be displayed on the Fusalage and wing top Although an ESC logo may also be added.

2.) Paint schemes for Escadrilles are to be forwarded to HQ for approval prior to issue.

3.) The paint configuration file will default back to the 169 color scheme for escadrille paints not completed.

C.) Personal Paint Schemes may be authorized by HQ for Outstanding Performers.

1.) A limited number of personal Paints will be available and may be revoked or have the number changed should the paint registry require the Number for a new squadron.

2.) Personal paints may be used in squadron events or in free flight, But the Group CO or Escadrille CO may require a specific SQ# be used in an operation for Communication purposes.

3.) Personal paints shall not conflict with any Registered Paint #.

4.) Personal Paints will only be distributed to the Group itself. Not to the general public like the PF Paints.

5.) Personal paints will be submitted to HQ for approval and distribution.

6.) Only authorized Personal Paints will be distributed.





Should a member be in violation of the PF charter he shall have the following options

A.) Non-Judicial Punushment (NJP) The PF CO (or XO in his absence) Shall decide a suitable punishment for the infractions of the charter up to any or all of the following:

1.) Probation for up to 60 days where further violations may result in further punishment up to and including termination of membership

2.) Demotion by one rank, not able to be promoted for up to 60 days

3.) Suspension from PF for up to 30 days (Member shall not be allowed to wear the Uniform or paint scemes for the suspension period or attend unit functions)

4.) Relief of Command for up to 30 days, to include command of unit or possible flight leader status. Member will not be allowed to lead any flight even if senior to other flight members.

5.) Formal Warning. To be used as a progressive disciplinary step for lesser infractions of the charter.

6.) CO may suspend any punishment form assigned but further infraction may result in enforcement of original punishment with the addition of further punishment. (ie: a demotion of rank may be issued and suspended for 30 days, the rank will be maintained at original level but if member has a further infraction of the rules durring the 30 day suspension of demotion the original demotion is enforced and a further demotion may be added.)

7.) Termination of Probationary Members, member is removed from PF roster and access to unit private areas is revoked.

8.) Results of NJP shall be posted by the Admin Officer on the Message Board in delphi stating Memebrs rank, Article violated, and punishment. Members name shall be withheld.

B.) Courts Martial.

1. A committee of three members shall be formed randomly.

2. The member may select a member to represent him

3. The CO (or XO in his absence) shall preside over trial

4. Prosicution representative shall present his Case

5. Defence shall present his case

6. Trial committee shall recomend if and what punishment should be enforced

7. Punishments may be double any form of punishment from NJP to including termination of membership

8. The committee recomendation will be brought to the membership on the following sunday meeting for acceptance or rejection. majority Vote is required

9. Results of court martial will be posted on the message board in delphi.

C.) Member may resign under Honorable conditions.

D.) Members Discharged for disciplinary reasons, by agreeing to the terms of this charter upon membership are bound to abide by the following rules set forth under membership.







A.) To simulate the war effort, PF will be in a Constant state of war. The period and the "WAR" server may change from time to time and such changes will be posted in the Delphi forum prior to occurance.

B.) During Such times when a specific enemy is not targeted. We will run missions in the set server using the following guidlines.

1.) Flights will be Classified as follows:

a.) Official Flights are flight missions assigned by HQ

b.) Non-Assigned Flights are Members not assigned to a flight that form an impromtu mission but must be posted by the flight leader prior to mission start.

2.) Flight missions will be posted in advance on the delphi message boards.

C.) A member forced down shall not fly in the "War" server in uniform for the rest of that day. (to simulate death)

1.) A member is "Forced Down" anytime the computer forces his veiw to leave his cockpit.

2.) A member who safely lands in enemy territory or in no mans land is considered dead/ lost or captured and may not fly in uniform in the war server for the rest of that day.

3.) A member Who safely lands on the front but on friendly side of the lines will take the rest of that day to return to the unit and may not fly again in uniform for that day.

4.) Safely landing on freindly side of the front allows the member to fly again that day.

D.) No member may be assigned to fly more than 2 official flights per day.

E.) Members will use visible team chat only while in flight during any mission

1.) Hand signal codes will be the only method of communication within the flight.

2.) Members are allowed to use regular chat to acknowledge allies and salute enemies only. ( use a line like <- Waves to RAF Whoever. If pressed breifly simply say "PF is presently under historical communication restraint.")

F.) Members Must return home for full credit of kills and points.

1.) Members captured recive no kill credits and 1/4 point credits

2.) Members landing in friendly territory other than starting aerodrome recieve kill credits but only 1/2 point credit (the mechanics are a fussy lot)

3.) Members Forced Down receive no kill or point credits. (This simulates the consiquences of death as best as can be done in this environment)

G.) Kills must be confirmed by another group member for credit.

1.) Members may only claim one kill per enemy per day (IE: If I shoot down JG1 Hun 3 times in a given day in the "War" server i can only claim him once.)

2.) Other members may claim the same enemy as you (IE: If Stone and i both shoot down JG1 Hun on seperate occasions we both may claim him)

3.) The individual who is credited for the kill by the server is the one who can be credited for the kill.

4.) Only Confirmed kills count toward Point awards for the mission.


Section 6.2

Official Flights

A.) Active escadrilles will perform the function of a fighter/scout unit

B.) HQ/175 will perform recon missions as well as other mission types.

C.) Missions will include those of defencive patrols, offencive patrols and attacks and escort duties

D.) Missions will be assigned to the active escadrilles by HQ.

1.) An active unit will not be assigned more than 3 missions for a given day.

2.) An active Unit will not be assigned more than 9 missions per week.

3.) Missions will be posted at least 3 days in advance

4.) Missions will have a time frame window of at least 4 hours except for escort missions which will have a window of 1 hour

E.) Members of that unit should check the mission board for their unit on a regular basis

1.) If a member of that unit or a reserve or probationary member is able to fly a particular mission reply under that mission posting with availability times within the window.

2.) The unit CO (or XO in his absence) will check the availanbility postings and choose the members and time of the flight and flight leader, and will post same as a reply to the mission posting.

3.) Those members assigned to fly that mission should gather the delphi chat room for preflight go over mission to include actual starting location, mission objectives flight formation and other details that the flight leader may feel are needed.

4.) Upon completion of mission All surviving flight members shall again gather in the delphi chat room for debriefing.

5.) the surviving Flight leader will write a mission report and post it as the final reply under the mission post.

F.) Official Flights will be worth double the mission success points for the unit and indivduals




A.) Active and Reserve members may form a non-assigned flight.

1.) Non-assigned flights shall follow the same rule and guidelines as an Official flight.

2.) Non-assigned flights shall begin by a gathering in the Delphi forum.

3.) Non-assigned flights shall consist of two or more members.

4.) The senior member shall be the flight leader

5.) The senior man shall post the Non-assigned flight to the message board prior to departure

6.) Lone Wolf Flights must be approved by Unit CO for active escadrilles

a.) Remember that Kill credit must be confirmed by another member.

b.) HQ Officers may perform lone wolf patrols at any time.provided such patrol is posted as per these rules.

c.) Communication restraint is still in effect for lone wolves.

7.) Single members may perform aerodrome defence flights only.

8.) Probationary members may join any Non-assigned flight.

9.) Training Status members may only join a Non-assigned Defencive patrol type mission.

10.) All Units represented shall be the credited with the points awarded for a non-official flight.

11.) the starting zone of the Non-assigned flight shall be from the assigned zone of the flight leader.

B.) Kill and Point Credits shall be in accordance with Official Missions except for the Double mission success points rule.


Section 6.4



A) Defensive Front Patrol

This patrol will consist of 2 to 5 planes. they will be assigned a section of the front to patrol for a certain time frame. They are to prevent any enemy from penetrating past thier patrol line. A successful mission is one in which no enemy is permitted past the line of defence. Points awarded are 10 for a successful mission, +5 for each plane successfully returning, +5 for each enemy plane shot down, and + 2 for each enemy chased back to thier side of the front.

B.)Defensive Target Patrol

This patrol is for 2 to 4 planes. The planes are to defend a specified landmark for a specified time frame. Success is determined by weather the landmark is in tact at the end of the patrol. Pnts for this mission are 10 for the successful completion of the mission, +5 per plane returned home, +5 per enemy plane shot down, +2 per enemy plane chased away.

C.)Defensive Zone Patrol

This patrol is for 2 to 5 planes, it consistes of patroling a broad zone of defence which will be drawn on the mission map as a box. Within the box the flight is in a search and destroy all enemy planes mode. Success is determined simply by patroling the zone during the time frame and engaging any enemy found. Points are awarded as follows: Mission Success: 10 ,Per Survivor: 5, Per Enemy Shot down:5, Per enemy chased away:2

D.) Offensive Front Patrol

Like the Defensive Front patrol, this mission is for from 2 to 5 planes and patrols a specified area of the front. It differs in the fact that it takes place on the enemy side of the line. Its mission success still depends on not leting any enemy through the line. The greater risk and time envolved give a slightly higher point potential., Points are as follows: Mission Success:15 pnts, Per Survivor:+5, Per Enemy Shot down:+5, per enemy chased back +3

E.) Offensive Target patrol

For from 2 to 4 planes, identicle to defensive target patrol but on enemy side of lines. Points are as follows:, Mission success: 15, Per Survivor: +5, Per enemy shot down: +5, Per enemy chased away: +3

F.)Offensive zone patrol

For 2 to 5 planes: Same as defensive zone patrol but on enemy side of front lines.Points as follows: Mission Success: 15, per survivor: +5, per enemy shot down:+5, Per enemy chased away: +3

G.) Attack Target (depending on defenses either 1, 2 or 3) mission for 4 to 12 planes, 1 or lightly defended targets have up to 4 AA/MG emplacements, 2 or medium defence has from 5 or 6 aa/mg emplacements, 3 or heavily defended has greater than 6 AA/MG emplacements. Success is determined when the server gives the _______destroyed message. Points are as follows: Target 1 (light) Success: 20, Target 2 (med) Success:25, Target 3 (hvy) Success:30, per survivor:+5, Per enemy shot down:+5

H.) Hunting Patrol

This mission is for any number of planes. HQ will always assign 2 or more, but escadrille COs may assign a lone wolf under this mission type. The object is similar to a zone patrol, but the engaging of the enemy is more crucial, no points are awarded for chasing away an enemy in this mission type. Points are as follows: Successful mission: 15, Per survivor:+5, per enemy shot down:+10

I.) General Recon

Patrol a zone as per zone patrols but gather info on landmarks within the zone, only type of landmark and general defences are needed. ie: drome with 4 to 6 aa. As this is recon no points are awarded for enemy engagements. Points are as follows: Mission success: 20, per survivor: +5,

J.) Detailed Recon

This mission for 2 to 4 planes will get detailed information of a specified target. like # of AA and MG ect. again no points are awarded for engaging enemy. Mission success:; 30 pnts, Per survivor:+5,

K.) Photo Recon

This mission for 1 or 2 planes the pilots must have RB tools installed and running, pictures of a specific target arer to be taken, at least 2, For a photo recon to be complete these pilots must successfully land at a friendly drome. therefor an escort flight will almost always be assigned. points are as follows: Mission success: 40 pnts, per survivor:+5, Per picture over 2:+3 (must be a sugnificantly different angle shot)

L.) Escort missions

For from 2 to 12 planes, assigned to escort either bombers or recon flights, mission success is determined by the return of the escorted planes. 50% or greater must be returned to thier base for a successful mission. Pnts as follows: Success escort of bombers: 20, Success escort of recon: 25, per survivor:+5, Per enemy shot down:+10, per enemy chased away:+4, per escorted plane returned:+5




War missions will be the same as per section 6.4. additional war rules will be posted in the delphi site. All members are expected to abide by war rules. During war situations we will be under Military protocol for rank and command. Do not take orders issued personally. Additionally probationary and Training status members may be put into the fire so to speak as operational commitments may require, the restrictions of Official flight missions may be lifted.